Welcome to Begin Ministries

We are a husband and wife Creation Apologetics team passionate about helping Christians defend their faith and effectively proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. The messages, presentations, and Bible studies we conduct through Begin Ministries edify & equip believers by helping them gain confidence in their faith so they can share it with others. 

Our ministry is kind of a “safe space” to tackle the questions of faith & science and we are a resource for pastors & church leaders.


We speak at churches, organizations, and to small-group Bible studies in the Greater Cleveland, Ohio area. Our talks and presentations generally focus on the first eleven chapters of Genesis, which are the most attacked in all of Scripture and also generate the most questions and doubts by Christians.

Genesis is a remarkably-important book of the Bible -- the Christian worldview has its roots in this foundational first book of the Bible. This worldview is assaulted daily by the secular-minded world in which we live. Hollywood and the main stream media are largely controlled by those who subscribe to secular ideas and worldviews which are often hostile to the Christian worldview.

"Learning to defend your faith can help you more confidently answer the questions of an unbelieving world."

We have studied the area of Biblical Creation for more than a decade thanks to the outstanding resources available online and from organizations like Answers in Genesis, Institute for Creation Research, Creation Ministries, Creation Apologetics & Research Ministry, and the Creation Training Initiative.

We're also Certified Creation Apologetics instructors, having both successfully completed training at the Creation Apologetics Teachers College through the Creation Training Initiative (CTI) in Boise, Idaho.


People have questions . . .The Bible has the answers

Did God use evolution?     Hasn't science proven the Bible wrong?   Did we come from ape-like creatures?    

Was there really a world-wide flood?    Where did all the races of people & languages come from? 

The world mocks Christians who believe in the biblical account of creation. Were told "science" has "proven" the earth is 4.5 billion years old. When confronted with "scientific evidence" many Christians can start to doubt their faith in God's word -- they think, 'Well, the Bible was written before science, so maybe the story of God creating the earth in six days is really just a myth told by ancient men trying to make sense of a world they did not understand. Maybe Adam, Eve, and the creation story are really just fable or allegory."

Our presentations and Bible studies critically examine the biblical accounts in Genesis 1-11 and demonstrate that the events recorded are true historical accounts, not stories or myths. Studying these accounts and also critically examining the theory of evolution, believers gain confidence in their faith and sharing it with

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