Creation Matters

CREATION VS EVOLUTION Sometimes we hear that since the centuries-old debate between creation and evolution isn't a "salvation issue" it's not important. We have been told, "Just point people to Jesus and the rest will take care of itself." We firmly believe this viewpoint misses the mark and we address this, and other issues, in our talks and presentations. 

We live in a secular-minded world that bombards us with the message of evolution 24/7/365: "science has proven the Bible wrong," "man is nothing more than an animal," "we're products of chance and millions of years," "there is no God," "evolution is a fact."

This evolutionary message is having a stunning impact on the church: 

  • We are losing many more kids by middle school and high school than we will ever lose in college. 
  • Almost 40% of those who no longer believe that Biblical accounts are true had their first doubts in middle school
  • An additional 44%  had doubts by high school. 

That's nearly 84% of the young people sitting in our bible-believing churches!*

We are losing our kids while they are still in their Christian homes, Bible-believing churches, and under the watchful eye of their Sunday school teachers.  

When we ignore the very real questions that those inside and outside the church have, the vacuum is filled by the world, not by The Word. If we ignore questions people may have in Genesis 1-11 on the topics of the six days of creation, the worldwide flood of Noah's day, and many other areas, and say, "Don't worry about that - just accept Jesus as your Savior," then the question becomes: 

If you can't believe the Bible in Genesis 1:1, which the world will claim

has been proven wrong, then how can you believe in John 3:16? 

While creation may not be a salvation issue, it certainly can impact someone's ability to believe in salvation.