Presentation Topics

Our presentations fit a variety of options whether you want a speaker for a church service, Bible study, Sunday School, or other event. Scroll through these presentation topics below to read about our eye-opening, entertaining, and motivating presentations. Our presentations use vivid multimedia graphics. 

  • Back to Genesis: Battle for Beginnings

    In this presentation we go back to Genesis, the most attacked book in the Bible and for good reason. It's the historical foundation of Scripture. While some think that the Bible has no relevance in our culture, the Word of God is both timeless and timely. Going back to Genesis is important because it is from this book that we get every major doctrine of scripture. We are in a culture war and it's a battle for beginnings. This is an eye-opening message you won't want to miss!

  • Cross Defense: What Every Christian Should Know

    The Bible tells us in 1 Peter 3:15 that we should always be ready to give an answer. In this message, we discuss the relevance of creation to the gospel, expose the incompatibility of evolution and Scripture, and examine the relationship between Genesis and the rest of the Bible.

  • The Bible & Time: Couldn't God Have Used Evolution?

    Many church leaders and Christians today believe God used evolution as part of His creation process. The gap theory & the day-age theory present possible ways to introduce man's idea of millions of years into the Bible. Rather than be so quick to change God’s Word to accommodate evolution & millions of years, isn’t it just possible man is wrong about the idea of evolution?

  • The Days of Creation: A Closer Look

    There is a lot of controversy about the length of the days of creation in Genesis. Were they literal, 24-hour days? Couldn't they have actually been long ages of millions of years? How could the first three days of creation be literal days if the sun was not created until day 4? How could Adam have named all the animals in just part of a 24-hour day? We critically examine Scripture for the answers.

  • Noah & The Flood: Legend or Historical Event

    Many Christians don't see the Flood as an important part of Scripture and as a result they simply accept the world's view that the Genesis Flood was local and not global. Is there evidence for a worldwide flood? Could Noah have fit all the animals of the world on the ark? Does it really make any difference? We examine the theological implications.

  • The Bible & Dinosaurs

    The Bible doesn't mention dinosaurs but we know they existed because we find their fossils all over the world. Science says dinosaurs "evolved" into existence 220 million years ago & became extinct 65 million years ago but what does Scripture say? We examine the Biblical evidence.

  • FAQs: Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

    In this talk we discuss the answers to the most frequently asked questions that sometimes have Christians scratching their heads. 

    Where did Cain get his wife?

    Why do we wear clothes?

    How do dinosaurs fit into the Bible?

    Where did the languages come from?

    Where did all the "races" on the earth come from?

    What about carbon-14 dating?

    Doesn't radiometric dating prove the earth is billions of years old?

    And more....

  • Can You Believe The Bible?

    Critics of Christianity say that the Bible is filled with errors, and is literature that has been cobbled together over time to make it look like it's a book of prophecies.  These are serious charges, especially since Christians are placing their eternal salvation on the promises in the Bible. We examine the Bible to see if the critics' charges can be substantiated.