Bring Us to Your Church, Small Group or Organization

If you're in the Greater Cleveland, Ohio area, we'd love to come and share our passion for Creation Apologetics to help those at your church or Bible study to be able to more confidently defend their faith!

Begin Ministries has a range of presentation topics designed to meet the specific needs of churches and Christian organizations. 

We are CTI-Certified Creation Apologetic speakers with easy-to-listen-to communication styles. 

Our presentations are challenging, yet easy-to-understand talks that illustrate the relevance of Genesis to the Gospel and real life!

While proclaiming and defending the Bible’s truth and authority, we show how the history it contains connects to the real world. 

Our presentations strengthen the faith of believers and equip and motivate them to reach out to others. We are always available to answer people’s questions afterwards as well.

For more information or to discuss how we can come to your church, organization or event, click here.