We Have Their Blessing!

To Whom It May Concern:

It was our privilege to host BJ (Ben) and Diana Kresnye from Begin Ministries (BeginMinistries.org).  Our church was beginning a through the Bible summary summer series based on the works of Dr. Harold Wilmington.  BJ and Diana did an excellent job of opening up our understanding as relates to the first eleven chapters of the book of Genesis.  Their presentation sought to equip the believer in both apologetic and evangelistic areas.  This tag team and often scripted approach was informative, challenging, and entertaining.  Their obvious grasp of the biblical subjects and respect for the Word of God were quite clear and helpful.  Visuals and handouts were plentiful. 

BJ and Diana came to us with hearts for ministry.  Their overriding desire was to elevate the Scriptures and bring honor to the Lord.  The heart of a servant was evident in each of their lives.  It is my joy to recommend them to you. 

Pastor Paul Radobenko


Huntsburg Baptist Church

Huntsburg, Ohio